Mount Pleasant, SC Custom Implant Dentures and Denture Solutions

Your smile is an accessory that you wear every day of your life. But missing teeth can rob you of your confidence. Even simple things like talking to friends or enjoying a meal can be a struggle. Thankfully, our Mount Pleasant dental implant dentist offers a variety of full mouth reconstruction and rehabilitation options by pairing various denture options with implant therapy.

Getting Dentures to Fit Better

A conventional denture is removable and stays in place by creating a seal between the base of the prosthesis and your gums. But as your mouth changes over time and bone structures shrink, your denture can become loose. This leads to rocking, sores, and slipping — all of which make it more difficult to eat or talk.

Fortunately, your denture can be stabilized with as few as 2-4 dental implants. The results? A secure fit all day, every day.

Implant Denture Stabilization in Mount Pleasant

Implant stabilization provides your denture with attachments to secure it in place, instead of relying on a suction between your “plate” and gums.

Overdentures can be removable, snapping over traditional or mini dental implants. Or, you can choose to have a permanently affixed denture (such as a “hybrid/hybridge” or “All-on-4™”) created that doesn’t come out unless it’s removed by an implant dentist. These slimmer designs free up additional space in your mouth, making it easier to speak and eat.

In fact, it’s possible to retrofit your existing denture so that it can attach over new dental implants. This affordable option provides you with lasting stability that you can depend on, with the ease of the same daily routine.

Denture Consultations and Implant Treatments

Dental Implant Solutions of Mount Pleasant, SC offers comprehensive implant therapy and full mouth reconstruction, including supported denture options. Schedule a consultation today!