History of Dental Implants
Mount Pleasant, SC

Implant History: What are They? How do They Help Replace Missing Teeth?

Dental implant designs date back hundreds of years. Centuries ago, individuals used things like shells, bone, and other people’s teeth to replace their own. The modern dental implant as we know it has only been in development since the 1950s, when titanium was introduced as a surgical material that aided in bone regeneration and healing.

It turns out, that titanium is a biocompatible option that fuses with human bone, strengthening it and permanently securing the material in place (in most cases, for the rest of a person’s life.) As such, it’s used in joint replacement surgery, osseous surgery, and now dental implant therapy.

Initially, dental implants were large mesh-type devices that sat over the bone and involved complex and invasive surgery.

Today, modern implants are shaped in a way that mimics a natural tooth root in both size and shape.

What Exactly Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that sits in your jaw, much like a natural tooth would. After osseointegration occurs (the process where new bone forms around the implant,) an abutment is affixed to the implant, which in turn supports a fixed crown, bridge, or denture.

Additionally, mini implants are smaller than traditional ones, providing flexibility when restoring areas with limited space or additional bone loss.

Dental Implants vs. Other Tooth Replacement

Choosing implants offers several advantages over more conventional treatments like bridges or removable partial dentures, such as:

  • Bone preservation
  • Non-invasive to other teeth
  • Complimentary to your facial profile
  • Natural design that mimics real teeth
  • Better durability and strength
  • Options for any number of missing teeth
  • Improved daily comfort and confidence

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